The Many Mattresses for Beds

A customer walks into a store and asks the clerk behind the desk about a mattress for their bed. The clerk says ok,The Many Mattresses for Beds Articles then asks “do you want a spring mattress?” To which the customer replies “Oh, well… I actually need it for the whole year!” This little joke is all in fun but there are many new types of mattresses in the marketplace for beds that many consumers are unaware of. These new trends in mattress bring many interesting features to the typical bed and are definitely worth taking a look at. In this article we’ll examine some of the new trends in mattresses and what they can offer your bedroom.

Innerspring mattresses for beds. These mattresses are among the most traditional and classic designs in mattresses. Spring mattresses provide good support and are used well throughout the world. The first thing you’re going to come across is coil count. The coil count tells you how many coil springs are used throughout the unit. This of course varies from mattress to mattress. Typically a queen mattress with a coil count greater than 390 coils should be suitable for every night sleeping as opposed to a guest ที่นอน mattress. Different layers of foam and batting will be used at the surface of the mattress which will make the mattress firm or plush. Pillow top models are also available that make the mattress quite soft. Most innerspring mattresses feature a fabric quilting sewn into the mattress. There are many brands of innerspring mattress available at many different price points. You should find one that is comfortable, made for everyday use and is within your budget. Major brands include Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Spring Air and King Koil to name a few.

Viscoelastic mattresses for bed frames. Introduced over twenty years ago these mattresses started out quite pricey and were only in select higher end homes by people who could afford them. Today, there are many brands of viscoelastic mattresses and can be found in a much greater number of homes. Viscoelastic has unique properties in that the mattress is made up of material called visco cells. These cells have a memory and when they sense heat the material conforms around the heat. Your body supplies the heat and the mattress molds around you. This is different than innerspring mattresses in which you lay on top of the mattress. With visco mattresses you actually feel the mattress around you. Coverings for these mattresses can range from fabric, bamboo, cashmere or any number of materials. In recent years some customers have commented that the mattress becomes hot while laying on it. Tempur-Pedic which is a leader in viscolelastic mattresses has since created a more breathable covering to disperse heat. Its not immediately clear if other manufacturers of these mattresses have done the same. Viscoelastic mattresses have been promoted as helping those with bad backs find greater comfort. Tempur-Pedic and Dormia are just a couple of the many brands available.

Waterbed mattresses for platforms. Popular in the 1970’s waterbed mattresses are still available through select specialty stores. These mattresses of course feature water as their primary filler. Special platform frames are made that accommodate these mattresses due to the heavy nature of the mattress. In recent years the waterbed industry has come up with new innovations in design. There are several types of waterbed mattress. The hard-side waterbed mattress requires that in be surrounded by a wood/MDF system to ensure that the mattress is contained. Soft-side waterbed mattresses feature a sturdy foam around the perimeter of the mattress that allows it to keep its shape. The soft-side is the most popular waterbed mattress today. The biggest complaint about waterbeds were movement. Motion sensor technology and or tube or bladder systems were created to help reduce this movement so as to provide a more comfortable sleep.

Air mattress beds. Often thought of as that blow up mattress your grandmother uses for guests, air mattresses have actually come a long way. Select Comfort is one of the fastest growing companies offering air beds. The air mattresses feature chambers that pump and release air in and out of the mattress to help the user find the perfect firmness or softness for their sleeping needs. Referred to as finding your “Sleep Number” which starts from zero to 100. Because each user can adjust their own side each mattress provides the user with their own unique comfort. Some individuals have said that they can’t get the mattress firm enough for their needs so its best to try one out first to make sure it’s right for you. Aero Bed is another type of inflatable guest mattress.

An uncomfortable mattress can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad night’s sleep on your bed. Poor sleep could lead to things like dreaming about eating a giant marshmallow and waking up to a missing pillow and feeling a little down in the mouth. Avoid this situation by picking the right mattress and you can get you the restful sleep you need and deserve.